Liars cover for ebooks 300Freedom is the first lie. . . 

274 years after hatred, greed and corruption created the plagues that took down civilization, humanity has achieved utopia. The new religion, Reyism, has created a test to assign people their ideal jobs. It’s created an ideal government, the Temple, which generously provides all citizens with daily injections of serum to control the plague. They are all living ideal lives, or so preaches the Prophet, Neri’s husband.

It’s a lie.

Everybody in the Temple lies, especially High Priestess, Neri, whose survival depends upon it. Neri’s life is a balancing act between what she must do to stay alive and what she needs to do to keep her sanity. Challenging the benevolence of the Temple, or her husband, results in savage punishment or execution. Then she discovers that her best friend and an old flame are embroiled in a desperate scheme against the Temple. Joining them might mean true freedom, but it also means deceiving her sadistic husband, who has all the power—and all the serum—on his side.


the-children_print-book-coverJarvis is missing. Evan’s a murderer. The serum is a lie.

Neri finally has her freedom but the cost is almost too much to bear. To keep her sanity she must find a way to forgive—Cas, Evan—even herself. She needs redemption; she craves revenge.

Worst of all, though, Grayson’s not done with her yet. He’s told the nation she’s been kidnapped, and has put her band of dissidents on the Temple’s Endangered Humans list. The Inquisitors are hunting for them in every corner of the nation. If the dissidents are going to defeat the Temple—if they’re going to survive—they must build a fighting force. To do that, they have to rescue Jarvis and risk an operation that might release a plague that will destroy what’s left of mankind.