The PostPlague Trilogy

Clothing from The PostPlague Trilogy



Neri’s ceremonial robe

When building a dystopian world, one of the ways to set scenes, and bring the new world to readers, is through clothing. When I decided on what that clothing would look out, the first thing I took into account was the protagonist’s, Neri’s, position in society. She is High Priestess, married to the most powerful man in the nation. Her clothing, therefore, has to be pretty and elegant.

Secondly I needed to create clothing that made sense for the dystopian society I created. After the plagues took down the world, the survivors, headed by religious icon, Brayden Rey, decided they needed to control the survivors progeny (I’m trying not to put too many spoilers in here–sorry if I’m being cryptic!). Therefore they decided clothing needed to assist in the prevention of “temptation”, both for men and women. I wanted women to wear long gowns and men to wear suits.

The third thing was to consider that we’re in the future. I wanted something a little different to take readers out of this world. I searched the internet and decided that Indian wedding clothing (with some alterations for the men) did that.

In The Temple each sect (governmental departments) has its own color and the priestess and priests ceremonial silk robe is that color. Their regular clothing reflect that color as well.  Prints are allowed, as long as their sect color is the dominant color.

When Neri attends parties or other events for a certain sect, she honors that sect by dressing in its colors. When she is representing only herself or the Prophet, however, her colors are off white and gold, as is her ceremonial robe.

The following are representations of what Neri would wear for each sect (or what female sect members might wear for formal events)






First sect–Temple Guard and security. Royal Blue




Second sect–Arts and Education (Neri’s “home” sect)









Third sect–agriculture and commerce (the sect Neri’s shrimper family would fit into, although they were laborers, not members of The Temple)







Fourth sect–Building and Parks light green




Fifth sect–National Security and Reparation (The Inquisitor and Auditors are from this sect) Because this sect has, over the decades, gone from purple, to deep purple, to black, Neri may choose to wear either purple, black, or a combination of both. Neri would prefer to avoid the 5th altogether.




6th sect–Medicine and Science (the biological geniuses of The Temple)






Seventh sect–Law enforcement and order (the Enforcers, but also attorneys, although they are overruled in cases of “national security” which is pretty much anything Grayson Starling, The Prophet, says is national security.





Eighth sect–transportation and communication. This is an example of how a combination of two colors, but the overwhelming color is yellow, which makes it suitable for the eighth sect







Ninth sect–energy and technology emerald green







Tenth sect–Treasury–The High Council. (on the nation’s symbol the color is light purple but the council wears silver)




I’ve added some of the original links to the pictures. However, the links I copied for some of these pictures are no longer available. Most of the gowns came from Cbazaar