Still working on The Truth

I haven’t posted anything in an age, I know. I really have to get the men’s clothing of The PostPlague Trilogy posted. I have the pictures, I just haven’t taken the time.

But I am working diligently on The Truth. I’ve got about 90k words written.  The problem is I write out of order. It’s kind of weird, but I enjoy the process the most when I write the scenes that “call” to me first. Most of the times these are the turning point scenes, or scenes that are highly emotional, which helps me understand better what happens in other parts of the story. Then I go to action scenes. They’re a lot fun to write, but take an enormous amount of attention to detail. Transition scenes are torture.

Anyway, the first 1/3 of the book is fairly clean (until I hit the editing stage and decide every single word is wrong). I’m in the middle of the 2nd 1/3, and am having a devil of a time getting the scenes in order. Painful as it is, I might have to cut one or two. If I do for the sake of a good, clean, well-paced novel, I will make sure to post them here. If I cut, it’ll be because the scenes are extraneous, not because they aren’t good.

So let me see, what can I say so far that aren’t really spoilers? Well, I’ve introduced two new major characters. I love them. What else? Well the characters are on the move. I’m not telling you where, though, or how long or why. Also we (my husband helped me with this) created some new fun sci-fi items that probably don’t need to be in the book, but we like them, so in they go. Finally, there will be no aliens in this book. Just in case you were wondering.

All right, I better get back to Neri and Callie and the whole gang.

On another note, it’s really good that I posted those raspberry squares on this site. I was craving them today and couldn’t find the recipe, so I just came here!



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