A new year

I didn’t write too much on this blog last year. I was writing and kind of obsessed with following the U.S. election. I don’t think it’ll be too much of a surprise to anybody whose read The Liars that I did not endorse, support, vote for or want anything to do with Donald Trump. He is everything that I find abhorrent. I suppose he might have a policy or two that I would agree with, but if this is true it’s lost in the rhetoric of hate and I can’t get past that.

I’m not generally a public person. It’s not my nature. Like many writers, I would rather not talk about politics at all. It’s definitely not a good way to attract readers. But I do follow the news, try to keep up to date and I have some strong opinions. I prefer to keep them to myself or a small group of friends. But I can’t do that anymore. I’ve twisted and turned it so many different ways, and it comes down to this–if I stand by and say nothing, then I am complicit. Sometimes that’s bearable for the comfort of not alienating friends, family or readers. But not this time. This time is different. This administration has thrown out the rule book and is creating a whole new set of rules, all of which I am, so far, absolutely opposed to.

So I’m going to try to keep up this blog more this year, and I will try for levity occasionally, for information on writing and information on world building, and the world I’ve created. But I am also going to have to express my opinion on this administration, on the lies and things they do. I’d rather lose readers than lose my own self respect.

Oh, and for anybody reading this who’s interested, I marched on 1/21/17. And there was no violence. That’s the first lie I won’t allow to stand. There was no violence.



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