To Speak or Not to Speak: a Writer’s Struggle

Not sure how to do reblog things very well. Actually, I don’t think this is a blog so much as an opinion piece, but it makes sense to me. Writers everywhere are struggling with how to handle the new presidential administration in the U.S. The link I’m going to post explains one writer’s struggle.

On a side note, I want to say that most of the writers I know have fairly liberal perspectives. I think that’s something writers tend to have in common with actors. I suppose you can make an argument that it’s about free speech, but I want to point out that  that is not the only reason. Writers, also like actors, have to get into the heads of our characters. Depending upon how many point of view characters a writer has in a book, how many books she writes, and how many of those characters differ, this could mean looking at situations from many different perspectives. When someone says, “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”, well that’s what we do pretty much every day. And you can’t write it well without exploring motivations. In other words, a writer understands easier, I believe, how, say, a Syrian refugee feels. Not, obviously as she would were she actually that refugee, but easier than say, an engineer, because sliding into that life is what we do every day.

Also, yes, I used the pronoun she. For my entire life I have been told that when talking about random people, the proper pronoun is he. Well, I’m sick of that. If is one of the underlying, so subtle as to be almost subconscious, sexist parts of society. Well, not today. In the future, yeah, I’ll use he again, but not for awhile.




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