Final Edits, Things I’ve Learned

It occurs to me that I really should put in categories and tags on these things. More people might see them. Which is what I want, of course, but not really, because then I’d have to edit, and re edit and try to make every last word perfect, and it would take me a week for everything I wrote. Maybe some day I’ll write easier, but I’m not holding my breath.

At any rate, for writers, or people curious about writers, I’ve learned one new very useful thing for proofing–text to speech. First, I’ll point out I did use a proofer, and I liked her, but she missed some things. Maybe all proofers do, I don’t know, but I’ve decided that I’m not ready yet to find out.

So text-to-speech. For The Liars, I used my kindle and I didn’t use it on the whole book. I went through each line, and read it out loud myself, pointing my finger on every word, like I did for my romances. It was long and arduous. For whatever reason, I’m having a much more difficult time with Children of Liberty. Apparently on my new mac–my p.c. kept doing updates and stealing time from me so I changed computers mid-book–you highlight an area and then press at the same time option and escape. You can change the voice and how quickly it reads in settings, which is the little gear along the bottom of the screen. Then dictation and speech. It doesn’t catch all grammar errors, anymore than will any of the many different editing packages I’ve used. It does however, find little things like when you’ve changed a phrase and you’ve left a word behind. Things like that.

The other thing is a calendar. I actually do this for all books, but it’s been particularly  important for the series. I used it in historical romance, because I liked to put in current events for the time period I was writing in. That’s not a thing in dystopian because I’ve created a whole new world. I’ve learned however, because everybody’s tied to serum among other things that it’s important. I also like to know the passage of time, down to the day, like I did for my romances. Readers don’t care about it, at least down to the day, but it’s a thing with me. At any rate, I had a calendar for The Liars, which takes place in 2 month’s time. Children of Liberty is four months, but obviously references go back to the first book, so now I have a 6 month calendar. For the final book, tentatively Sacrifice, I’m going to fill in the calendar ahead of time, and update it every week.

All right, back to work! (see, I promised not every post would be political).


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