Thursday Thoughts

contemplating-life-1554743-639x955I’ve decided I need to commit to weekly blogging. It’s good for me. I also like alliteration, so for the purposes of this post, pretend it’s Thursday.

I’ve spent the week reading about everything I should’ve been doing for years to promote my books. Granted, I only published The Liars in 2015, but my first published book was 2007. I have been doing it wrong. And I’ve known that all along.


I could spend 30 pages ranting about how much I hate promoting, and why writers should just be able to write and talk to fans and the fans should just come like the baseball players in Field of Dreams. In a perfect world this would happen. But the world is not perfect. I have to actually find fans.


I guess one way to do this is to do giveaways. Which I’m happy to do here and there. I mean, not on every book because, contrary to what some readers believe, writers should be paid for their work. But sure, I’m happy to give away some books.

Sadly, though, that’s not enough. You can’t just give away your books, you have to promote the giving away and let people know you’re doing this–facebook, twitter, newsletters, instagram and all the other social media that I don’t even know about. The thing is that I have only like 250 followers on twitter and most of them are book-marketiing type people, so it’s not like I’ll reach a bunch of people.

Sigh. Yeah, I’m sighing a lot. Not sure how to tag this post because I’ve been told that search engines will ignore your tags if you only use the word once. Maybe I should tag “sigh” on this post then.

So that’s what this week was. At some point I’ll tell you all about givewaways and stuff but I’m still learning how to do that well.

So how about you, one person who is reading my blog post? What was your week like? Go ahead and comment. One word would be fine. You can even just write “fine”. Honestly nobody will see it–notice how, introvert that I am, I assume you too are an introvert and don’t want people to “see” you.



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