The PostPlague Trilogy

Thursday Thoughts, Website Challenges


This week, I’m trying to come up with a better website. I don’t know why I didn’t just stick with using this blog with a static page as a website, but nope, I did not want to do that. I think it had something to do with wanting more widget options, although how I could use those options I don’t know. I just wanted ’em.

So I found a video (I’ll post below) by a guy who seems to know how to do this well. He uses and the themes made for wordpress to do this. It seems a lot simpler than using dreamweaver, which I have done before and had to learn about padding and boxes and stuff.

Why do I always think things will be easy?

First I got stuck with hostgator. My domain name is with godaddy. My on-line/writing life is fragmented enough so I wanted to transfer domain names and have everything in one place. This, apparently, requires Knowing Stuff. I do not know stuff. I don’t know what DNS means and I honestly don’t want to know what it means. During one of 4 phone calls I asked because people were throwing it around like candy at a parade (bear with me. It’s early and I’m metaphorically challenged) so I asked what DNS stands for. Guess what? I don’t remember. I forgot before I got off the phone. They also like to say “propogate” a lot. It’s a word they like.

(Takes sip of coffee. Checks facebook to see if I made anybody laugh yet today.)

By the end of Tuesday I was in tears. Real ones. But finally, finally something worked well enough that I could work on the website. Also, I got the dedicated email account that I needed. I think it’s what a dedicated email is. It could be a wishy-washy email account. I haven’t used it yet, so I’m pretty sure it is. Still, I need it to do mailerlite automation emails, which I’m supposed to do, but haven’t because I am as wishy-washy as my dedicated email on my DNS thingy. In other words, if you’ve signed up for my newsletter, you aren’t actually getting any news. Pretty sure you are all right with that, though, for now, until I start writing my little backstory stories for the PostPlague Trilogy characters and sending them out (Did I say I was going to do that? Well now you know I intend upon doing that.)

I started work. By “work” I mean finding the Theme I want. This is not easy for someone who waffles between paper and plastic at the grocery store and always feels guilty about the choice. ie: Should I pay more money to Big Oil and continue to fund wars in the Middle East while destroying the earth with plastic that will not break down? Or should I choose paper and kill trees, rob the earth of much needed O2 from rain forests being destroyed? Either way I’m killing the earth. You can’t win on that one.

Anyway, like U2, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. There are lots of themes. They don’t really explain what you can customize until you install and activate. Even then the customization is not always easily-knowable and I have no freaking clue what a slider is. People are excited about them, apparently, because they talk a lot about how great their theme is because it has a slider.

What I want is a page that lets me customize colors, will allow for full-width because I don’t always want sidebars, and a header/picture. Now sure why this is such a difficult concept. I’d think it’s what everybody wants. On the other hand, I’ve been on this earth for a few decades now, and I still always think I want what everybody else wants and am often flabbergasted that that it is not true. Why don’t people want to read about a dystopian world with a cool star symbol, and tattoos and a female heroine who cries a lot because killing people in terrible ways is upsetting to her, but she treks onward anyway because killing people is the only way to stop people dying. . .also, more women doing action-y things than men. Of course everybody wants to read that!

Well not yet, at any rate.

Finally I googled WordPress Themes for Authors. Yeah. Not helpful. I googled wordpress words because I want to know what they mean by sliders etc. Not helpful there. Apparently this is yet another thing everybody knows by osmosis and is something I will have to learn through trial and error, which is my most-hated and most-oftened used learning method. If I ever write a book about my life–which I won’t–I would title it Trial and Error, Mostly Error.

I also have to come up with either 1) a good picture or 2) a good header. I’m using Canva for that. Can I make a decision on that? Nope. I’ve tried putting the star symbol on a plain blue header and my name. I’ve tried using the ghosted virus symbol on a header with a train and wrote PostPlague Trilogy, I’ve tried ghosting a temple and putting the symbol over that. I love it all. I hate it all. I am driving Sir Tom–husband and collaborator–nuts. Two nights in a row he’s said, “It’s 9:30. You should knock off for the night.” That’s his way of saying, “I need to not think about this right now.” I answer with “I will in just a minute” which is my way of saying, “I am obsessed and will be doing this at 12 am long after you are a sleep.”

So that’s where I am. Those are my Thursday thoughts. I guess I should put the video in, huh? Also, I’ll add some of the headings and pictures I’ve come up with, because hey, why not? I have yet to commit to a shutterstock image so I haven’t bought one yet, so they say shutterstock.

Video. Okay, apparently I don’t know how to put one in. Also, I use apparently a lot. Also, also. Here is a link.