Thursday Thoughts, Sacrifice and Back to Writing

20170628_125758One of the ways I write is by lying in bed, listening to characters. I “write” a lot of words this way, and delete them too, without every putting my hands on a keyboard. I’ve done it going all the way back to childhood (I’ve been writing for a LONG time) and it’s pretty much the way I put myself to sleep.

I do this at night, and also if I wake up early in the morning and need to put myself back to sleep. Sometimes it doesn’t work, like this morning. I tried for 2 hours, and finally I got up, went straight to my computer, by-passing coffee, and put the words down into a file. This specific scene has been in my head for weeks and I just could not go on to another without putting it in a file, and therefore “letting it go.”

It felt good to actually write again. So good in fact that after getting a cup of coffee I started paging through the file and decided it was time to put in order. This is also how I write, or at least how I begin books–I throw a lot of words into a file with different scenes from all over the story, and then eventually I decide it’s time to put them in order. It’s not nearly as scary as staring at a blank screen. Also, I have a tough time writing in order. I like to write the “fun” scenes (often the most emotional ones or the turning points) first. When I write in order I tend to write a lot of stuff that nobody really wants to read. Or at least I don’t. Better, for me, to write the scenes and then string them together.

At any rate, guess what? I’ve got 14k words already! I know! I’m shocked too. Here I was thinking I wasn’t doing a darned thing, but nope. I’ve got words. Some of them I knew because I liked them, and I’ve read them a few times (yes, writers do fall in love with their own stories and we do re-read for joy. If we didn’t, we could never do the agonizing work of revising, rewriting, editing, re-editing and oh-my-God-how-I-hate-it-promotion.) One of the scenes, I don’t even remember writing.

So–deep breath–I’m back at it. I’ve got some issues. Neri seems to be doing a whole lot of speech-giving and I don’t quite know what to do about that. Should I write all the speeches? Should I re-write/re-plot so there aren’t so many? Are they boring, or necessary? I don’t know. Time will tell, I guess.

I will say, Sacrifice (tentatively named)  is shaping up to have much more romance than The Children of Liberty. I worry a little if that’s because the romance writer in me is just missing writing romance. Maybe, but I think it’s just more the way the trilogy goes. Neri was in a rough, precarious situation in The Liars, never mind being very married. In The Children of Liberty she was no only in a lot of actually fighting, but she was fighting her way through some pretty intense grief. Although we never really stop missing the loved ones we’ve lost, we do find ways to continue on with life. Granted she is nowhere near being finished mourning–it’s years long, not months–she has learned she can’t stathere. And so in Sacrifice her heart is finding it’s way.

The only problem is–will she live long enough for any of that to matter?. . .

Yeah, I kinda had to do that da-da-da moment. Now, back to work!




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