Fair warning: this wordpress blog will contain bad grammar and spelling.

Here’s the truth: I have a thing about grammar. The thing is I want to be grammatically perfect all the time. I want to know and understand grammar. I don’t. I have tried, oh how I have tried. I think I have 10 grammar books and I probably visit a grammar site once a week. But I’ve looked at grammar from all sides now, from right and wrong and WFT? and still somehow, it’s grammar’s illusions that I recall, I really don’t know grammar at all.

Also, I am a terrible editor, in that I am constantly editing my own words, even when speaking, but I tend to leave the wrong words in and take the wrong words out and mess up commas–even in speaking. I can write a nearly-perfectly edited blog post, but it will take me a full week.

I’ve decided to give up on that.

My posts will be imperfect. They will be grammatically compromised, with misspellings and random weird punctuation. It’s the only way I will post regularly, and I kinda feel like posting will be a good thing for me. I started this blog to promote my books, true. But in the end, I think it’s really just a blog for me.